Project Description

Project description:

The garden is dominated by different bushes in different colours, evergreen, and different textures throughout the year. The evergreen euonymus , the colourful butterfly bush and hibiscus and the dark background of Cotinus are creating a landscape that requires less maintenance. The customer now has the opportunity to spend quality time in his garden, also relaxing with gardening and enjoying the different textures and colours.

There have been laid out two paths that are creating parallel approaches to the secluded seating area in front of the house.

The one side of the garden has been designed in a strict format layout that is suitable for parking and also the path that connects the distance from the parking to the house.

The other part of the garden, more free of design and more natural, is full of perennials that are giving life to the garden during several months throughout the year. The orchard, perennial garden is in full sun the whole day and there is a mild transition from the strict part to nature. The way we chose to connect the two designs was with the selection of the same vegetation, for example the bushes, and slowly entering the natural garden that welcomes several insects and birds.

The paths that cross this part, could not be other than stepping stones, natural material that is coming from the surrounding area.

Category: Private garden
Customer: Private customer NL
Date: April – June 2021
Place: Aalsmeer
Services: Vegetation plan, constructions and management / after care