Project Description

Project description:

If you’re wondering what your garden could look like without all those tiles, take a look at the example gardens below for inspiration. GroeneBuurten had them designed by Bureau Binnentuinen and SkyGarden Care . Both offices specialise in climate-proof gardens based on their experiences in other Amsterdam districts .

There is something for every situation, so that every Amsterdammer can find inspiration for their own garden. For example, different tastes have been taken into account, because one likes a sleek style while the other prefers  it very natural. To give you an idea of  what is possible on your available surface, there are different sizes that you can use as inspiration. Moreover, some of the example gardens have a sunny location and others are shady. All kinds of additional climate-proofing measures have also been added, as well as suggestions for plant material.

If you have a lot of problems with a wet garden due to a high water level, take a look at the third garden design. This garden is specially designed to enjoy a green oasis while keeping your feet dry. ( all available in Dutch)

Category: Private gardens
Customer: Private customer NL
Date: January- February 2021
Place: Amsterdam
Services: Vegetation plan, Design available for inspiration