Rania Siona 

Garden architect

based in Amsterdam

I am landscape architect  and my aim is to make cities greener. For my designs I follow an ecological approach to planting gardens and public spaces.  My experience is based on the integration of ecology and horticulture in order to achieve landscapes that are dynamic, with impact on people’s lives, and close to nature.  

I have been commited to designing and I am trying to develop plans for creating sustainable future.
The inclusion of green roofs, green walls, rain garden, pollinator habitats and sustainable agriculture are just a few of the practises that reduce carbon footprints and expand the framework I currently  work on.

Private or public gardens, walls, roofs and urban parks: they can all play a part in making our cities greener and reverse our greatest threat, climate change.  


Rendorp green testing-ground/

Rendorp groene proeftuin

The purpose of  the design is to create a green sustainable street where it would be pleasant to spend time at any part of the day.

Being part of the team, responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of a private roof garden. The seed-design was developed in clusters and according the flower/growing season.

Untiling Amsterdam with ''Tegels eruit''

A garden without tiles but instead full of the flowers, trees and shelters.


about me

Born (1985) in the beautiful Mediterranean country of Greece, surrounded since a very

young age by plants and vegetables in the gardens of my grandparents I knew already that florists and gardeners are the happiest people.

And we really are!


Rania Siona

E  rania@skygardencare.com 

T +31 63 03 12 900

KVK 71339167

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