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Creating a garden is every time a new chapter considering the landscape, users, lifestyle, weather, ecosystem and habitats.

With many years of experience in developing small and large scale gardens I have gained the experience of being proactive with potential problems and preventing them from occurring during the project.

Over the years I have worked with gardeners, engineers, light- installers and water suppliers, so I can always deliver the best services.


Details on the design is everything in my designing process. A concept design with notes and pictures, is what my client can expect on the first stage, followed by the blueprint design, with extra technical drawings if needed, every designing stage is fully discussed with the client so everything can run smoothly and enjoy the transformation of the garden.

A fully tailored design including all wishes, trustworthy and on budget.


I like my gardens to work perfectly for my clients. Bring nature and functionality to work together. Depending on the size of the garden I work with several constructors.

I always supervise the realisation and I do not hesitate to get a spade and go on the field.


The following 12-16 months are very important for me and the garden, so we make 1 or 2 appointments so I can visit and see the location and how the garden is adjusted. Some tips for extra maintenance are also included.


I love taking care of a garden and regardless of the season I always do my best for them to look perfect. With high passion for perennials and native species cleaning a garden and creating group-planting, is my key to give the garden seasonal textures and different colours.

Depending on the size of the garden and the requirements, I have managed through the years to build strong relationships with the best specialists and experts in their field.


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