Project Description

Project description:

Mixtures of grasses and flowering perennials have, in recent years come to be known as prairie planting. Most effective in larger areas, the relaxed, naturalistic feel can also be achieved in smaller gardens. The site is full of sun, has fertile soil and it is as weed-free, and as free of weed-seed as it can be.

Of course we couldn’t  miss the fact that we could create a border from the tiles of the garden that can be a shelter for life like the insects.

I work very carefully with colours for this garden, so that the whole scheme works as a series of controlled colour explosions for the whole garden. Instead of planting in large groups and clumps I plant the same species in small groups, around.  There is no precise planting plan for the garden, but I took into account the proportion of each species in a mixture and I carefully considered the plants that are placed within the planting areas according to a set of rules and wishes of the customer. The brief I received was to create a series of strong colour-themed perennial  mixes that could be planted into the site. The requirement was for continuous high-impact flowering from May till November   This was managed through a careful balancing of choosing species based on the colour and finally to achieve this effect through seasonal different layers in the groups. A great addition to the garden was the careful selection of the tree- Cornus kousa (dogwood) which, like a bride in white,  during summer months will give a wonderful and very splendorous outlook to the garden.

Category: Private garden
Customer: Private customer NL
Date: October – November 2022
Place: Amsterdam
Services: Vegetation plan, constructions and management / after care