Project Description

Project description:

Free of maintenance, the garden design was dedicated to modern and subtractive.  We also designed the garden with some rustic elements but with all the possibilities of using materials from the future. The gravel in this garden makes up the second layer and serves as background for plants and other features. It replaces lawn grass  and it is a great alternative. Also by using the red gravel instead of the grey we give more colour to the garden. It is a hardscape material that fits excellent with the wooden deck of the garden, but also with the green surrounding. The gravel is an excellent material to grow plants later too, which was also the thought of the customer as he didnt want to change the shape or to perform major modifications on the existing design.

Category: Private garden
Customer: Private customer NL
Date: July – August 2021
Place: Amersfoort
Services: Vegetation plan, constructions and management / after care