Project Description

Project description:

The currently unused space in front of New Metropolis (Burgemeester Rendorpstraat in Amsterdam New-West) is a fully paved place which deserves more attention.

The development of the project  have been exploring ways for renovating and greening that street.

Entrepreneurs and residents nearby have daily access, so our first concern was to find out what the needs and wishes of the neighbourhood were.

The purpose of the design is to create a green sustainable place where it would be pleasant to spend any time of the day.  A green urban park has been added in our thoughts which will merge with the surrounding green Sloterpark and to be a climate resilient testing ground (proefprak) for the neighborhood.

An open, accessible and small-scale green space is created and merges the highly urban environment with the natural environment of the park nearby, the Sloterpark.

It enhances the biodiversity within the city but also ensures climate adaptation , for example by saving water in small streams (wadi’s ) and by using sustainable and waterproof materials.  Follow the link for the accepted design and for the yearly report see here. (available only in Dutch)

Category: Public garden
Date: March 2020
Client and collaboration: with Bureau Binnentuinen NL
Realisation and ground works: Richard Hoveniers and Baarsgroundworks
Services: Design and maintenance calendar
Fotos: Rania Siona & New metropolis
Photos of the construction day @Ralph Stuyver