Project Description

Project description:

When creating a vegetation plan, I always think ahead, how to bring more structure and what differences every season offer.

Structure is an important element for a winter garden. In theory this means planting of evergreens hedges and topiary in box.

But so many other plants, trees, shrubs and even perennials that have boldness of shape and intricacy of pattern or even the dry seedheads that are shinning in the morning frost. These play an important part in bringing structural winter interest to the garden as well as providing shelter for birds and insects.

This is the quietest time of year in a garden, while the layers stripping back, a strong winter appearance rewards the careful scrutiny.

The weeping willow of the garden, has been carefully removed, tranfered and donated in another private garden in North Netherlands.

Category: Private garden
Customer: Private customer NL
Date: July- November 2020
Place: Bewerwijk
Services: Vegetation plan, constructions and management / after care