Project Description

Project description:

In addition to the honey bees, thousand of other species live in our cities, the so called wild bees. They are very diverse in appearance and way of living. That’s why we wanted to offer them a new home, so diverse and  wild as they!!

It was my first public garden, located in Erasmus Park in Amsterdam, and brought together aspects of my working diversity, like art, creativity, colour and ecology.

For the designing and planting procedure was based on the strict lines of the park (Piet Modriaan style) but also the free and natural environment that bees and insects are looking for.

Category: Public garden
Date: September 2019
Entrance board: Studio Hudson
Bee hotel: Bijenhotel kopen, type: Nomada
Private initiative winner, from the Municipality of West Amsterdam NL
Realisation and ground works: Germieco
Services: Design, vegetation plan and project management