Green inspiration

Conceptually, landscape architecture by nature is sustainable because of the inherent regenerative processes of ecosystems. Much more than a trend, sustainability is a noble philosophy to which everyone should adhere to.  Desinging and creating a sustainable future is a goal we must constatly strive to achieve. 
The climate crisis has a profound effect on our generation and through that I see a great amount of motivation and innovation on alternative methods of designing in big cities and urban areas. A potential botanic architecture maybe? 

Featured ideas or in other words... where the inspiration comes from...

2018: Groen zelfbeheer bij woningcorporaties, Rania Siona and Ralph Stuyver, available only in Dutch 

(download pdf)

2018: Tuininrichting, available only in Dutch (with pictures) (download pdf)

2019: Vegetation proposal for public space.

Groene hoeken_Geuzenveld, available only in Dutch (with pictures of vegetation scheme) (download pdf)

2019/ 2020:

Inspirational vegetation plans (available in English)

Shady garden (download pdf)

Sunny garden (download pdf)

Waterplants, water-pond garden/ Vegetation zones  (download pdf)

2020: Biodiverse tuin/ Biodiversity in the garden, how to?(download pdf)

Appeared in

2018: Open tuinen West, De Echo krant,


2019: Tegels eruit groen erin!, De Echo krant,

page 1

2020: Wijkcentrum d'Oude stadt

As a neighborhood initiative the Pixel park has been recommended as as an example, by the ''Centre for information and citizen participation''

(Centrum voor Informatie en Burgerparticipatie) in Amsterdam

see here (available only in Dutch) 


Vegetation proposals for private gardens, 

Amsterdam 2016-2020 

The aim of my work is a pleasant garden! The easiest way to start is with tailor-made advice and of course taking into account what you like but also what fits your garden best. Just perfect. 

Left us here a comment or note for you garden, we will be on service soon!


Rania Siona


T +31 63 03 12 900

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